At Lifeline, we believe strongly that Non-Profit organizations provide invaluable services to our local communities. We also understand the challenges of NPO budgeting and cash flow. For this reason, we offer some very unique and special services for our non-profit customers.

Benefits include:

  •  20% off our base labor rate
  • No "appearance" fee for on-site labor (within 20 minutes of Morgantown)
  • Basic Managed Services for only $50/annually for the first 5 computers
  • 20% off Anti-Virus Software (assuming stock on hand)
  • FREE consultation about your network, backups, and security
  • Special discounts for web hosting and design. Just ask!
  • Credit for referring clients and other organizations


Services you may not know we offer:

  • WiFi is nice, but nothing beats a wired network for speed and security. Let us get you wired!
  • Improve your efficiency and redundancy with instructional sessions. Everything from file naming and storage to backups and distribution.
  • Repurpose out-dated machines for on-site backup. Save cash and improve security!
  • Let us host your website! Share your calendar with your employees, backup emails, provide secure chat between employees. Prices better than you'd imagine!
  • Custom databases help you manage your clients, staff, and volunteers, as well as making outcome measurements and grant reporting significantly easier! Let us automate the reporting process for you!
  • You're probably swimming in ugly, hard to use forms. Let us make new, attractive, easy-to-use forms for you! We can make fillable-PDF's, or even just convert all your forms to a unified format for ease of use. This service is extremely valuable and much less expensive than you'd imagine!


501(c)3 Organizational Documents Required. Payment due within 14 days of service rendered.