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Lifeline Information Technology d.b.a. Lifeline IT

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (“Policy”) set forth below is provided so that the
customer understands and agrees to the terms and conditions applicable to the technical services
sought by Lifeline IT (“Service Provider”) to address customer’s technology-based hardware
and/or software services.

The words or terms in this Policy shall be defined as follows:

  •  “Access” means to direct the computer to open a file, or read from data stored on the computer. Access may also involve reading or writing to metadata associated withany hardware, software, database, file or related technology.
  •  “Copy” means to duplicate the files and/or data on a computer, either in part or inwhole, to another data storage device. Backing up data and files copies them.
  •  “Criminal Activity” means acts in violation of criminal code (e.g. trafficking/creatingchild pornography, terrorism).
  •  “Data” means anything in a form suitable for use within a computer. Programs and files are examples of data.
  •  “Data Loss” means the removal or loss of computer data or files from a computer system in the course of repair, or as a result of a virus, software malfunction, or hardware malfunction.
  •  “File” means block of information stored in binary form on a computer. A file may contain human readable information such as text, or it may include data such as a digital photograph.
  •  “Information” means details, data, content or files provided, including business, personal or proprietary information.
  •  “Metadata “means data associated with a file which describes various attributes about the file.
  •  “Repair” means either the act of diagnosing or fixing a computer problem.

1. Pledge to Protect Our Customer’s Privacy.
The Service Provider pledges to keep all information collected from its customers,
private pursuant to this Policy. The Service Provider does not sell information to third
parties, nor will it.

2. Information and Data Collected.
The Service Provider may collect the following information from its customers:

  •  Name;
  •  Address;
  •  Phone number;
  •  E-mail address.
  •  Credit Card number;
  •  EIN.

Additionally, certain repairs may require the Service provider to inspect data stored on
the customer’s computer or device. Other repairs may require the Service Provider to
make a backup copy of a customer’s data. In each case, the data collected will be kept
only for the duration of time necessary to complete the agreed to repairs.
The techniques and tools used by the Service Provider are minimally intrusive. However,
in troubleshooting a computer problem, the Service Provider may need to access all data
and files on the computer.

3. How Information Is Used.
Lifeline IT uses customer information for the following purposes:

  •  Scheduling;
  •  Contacting the customer;
  •  Repairing the customer’s computer;
  •  Billing;
  •  Referral coupons.

4. Information Sharing and Disclosure.
Lifeline IT may need to disclose customer Information to authorities by government
investigation, court order, subpoena, or other operation of law. In such a case Lifeline IT
will comply with all such requests to the extent that is necessary. Moreover, while
customer privacy is important to Lifeline IT, if during the course of repairing or servicing
a customer’s computer Lifeline IT finds data or files which it reasonably believes
constitute Criminal Activity, Lifeline IT will report those Data or Files to the appropriate

In the event of a merger, acquisition, dissolution, etc. involving Lifeline IT, Lifeline IT
may also transfer personal Information to third parties.

5. Security.
Lifeline IT takes reasonable security measures to protect customer Information and Data.
Lifeline uses 128 bit encryption to preserve backup images, and does not share customer
data with third parties, nor does it keep customer data beyond the period necessary to
make the repair.

6. Integrity.
Though Lifeline IT takes great care to preserve the integrity of data stored on customer
hardware, Lifeline IT cannot guarantee against data loss on a customer’s hardware during
Repair and service. Lifeline may take additional steps to protect customer data during
repair. Such steps include, but are not limited to temporarily cloning customer data onto
Lifeline servers or hardware.

7. Contact Information.
If there are any questions regarding this Policy, you may contact us using the following
Phone: 304-906-4352
Address: 705 East Park Ave. Fairmont, WV 26554
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.