Our prices may not be the lowest you've ever seen, but our service is what sets us apart. We understand how important your equipment is to you, and we expect to get it back to you as soon as possible, working at peak performance. Read more about our process and why it's unique here. viagra south africa over counter

Pickup / Dropoff

Pickup and dropoff services are available in most Morgantown and Fairmont communities, and are not always immediately available depending on workload and schedule. "Full Service" includes coming into your home and removing all cables/wires/plugs/etc. from your machine. Full service delivery includes the reverse, bringing your machine into your home and setting it back up. cialis for sale south africa

Pickup--$15  /  Full Service Pickup--$20

Dropoff--$15  /  Full Service Dropoff and Setup--$25 viagra vs cialis harder

Mobile Screen Repair

At this time we have elected to drop out of the mobile repair business. taking viagra with high blood pressure

Virus/Malware Removal

By default, when we remove any files from your computer, we create a full backup first which includes your documents, music, videos, outlook files, bookmarks, drivers, and etc. This way, in case the virus breaks something during removal, you still have all your files. We then keep this data for at least 7 days, during which time you may notify us if files are missing or damaged. We don't know of any other local technicians who provide this service. Additionally, we like to tune up your system while we've got it to make sure it's running in tip-top-shape, as well as cleaning out the inside. Read more about our process. bichunyuan cialis

Virus removal WITH backup and antivirus is $119, assuming the system can be recovered.

Virus removal WITHOUT backup is $99, we will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any of your data if you choose this option. cialis sample pack

System Restoration

It's almost always easier to start over with a new, fresh installation after a pesky malware infection. During a system restoration, we backup your data, fully wipe the machine, and then reinstall your operating system. After installation, we remove unnecessary programs, install ALL high-priority updates, and restore your data. You do NOT need restore disks for us to complete this operation. Again, we don't know of any local technicians offering this level of service. Please note that while you will retain all your data and files, you will lose all installed software. We will happily reinstall this software if you provide it to us at the base rate of $65/hour, our normal in-shop rate. slip husband viagra

System Restore WITH backup is $99 contraindicaciones del viagra con alcohol

System Restore WITHOUT backup is $79. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION. maca folie du viagra naturel

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Laptop Screen Replacement

Models not requiring total disassembly: $49 + part cost (This is about 90% of all laptops), usually around $129 total.

Models requiring total disassembly: hourly rate + parts


Hardware Installation

Prices do not include the hardware itself! These are installation prices.

Desktops: viagra super active generico

$15 per-type, $45 maximum. (Example, RAM + Hard Drive = $30.) (RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card, System Fan = $45) do doctors prescribe viagra for performance anxiety


$15 per-type unless disassembly required.

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Data Recovery

Whether it's a flash drive or a hard drive, we have specialized software and hardware to recover data from all but the most physically destroyed drives. We can unformat, undelete, physically repair, and recover data from almost any drive, and on the off chance that the drive needs cracked open in a clean room...we can do that too. We've recovered data from drives that have been dropped, run over, submerged, formatted, crushed...all manner of destruction. We can also do simple recoveries too, like accidental deletions from your camera or important files, school papers, etc.

Flash Cards--$45 and up.

Hard Drives--request a quote. female viagra brands

Smoking Surcharge

Our technician is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and works on your system in his home where his family lives. Because of the added odor/dust/tar cleanup protocols that must be followed, we charge a non-negotiable $20 fee for any system that is obviously exposed to cigarette smoke. obat kuat viagra pfizer

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Hourly Rates and Service Fees

For labor that does not fit inside the flat-rate categories above, hourly rates are as follows: viagra jelly next day delivery

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Terms and Conditions

  • Prices are available for computers meeting the following minimum specifications: System must be at least a dual-core processor machine, AMD or Intel, AND make use of one of the following Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. sildenafil citrate coa
  • For Virus Removal, System Restoration, and Data Recovery, these prices assume working hardware; hardware replacement or repair is not included in these prices.
  • Virus Removal is not always possible or practical, depending on the level of infection. In these cases, the technician will advise you to opt for System Restoration, however you will still be charged the Virus Removal rate if the technician spent time trying to remove the infection. Alternatively, you may choose not to get the repair. once a day cialis cost
  • Invoicing is done by email or print. Payment is due upon delivery. Online, secure payment by credit card is available for a small additional fee.
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